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From Struggle to Solution: Empowering Families with Jenny Joy's Handmade Soaps

For years, my son Luke struggled with acne – deep, scarring, and painful. Not only did it affect his skin, but also his sense of self-worth. Whenever the subject came up, his head went down in shame. We tried countless diets, face-washes, and creams, but nothing worked. If I wanted to solve this issue, I was going to have to think outside the box.

Our story - Jenny Joys Soap

I began by learning to make homemade soap, and eventually I discovered pinon pine salve, a little-known Native American remedy. I created a recipe for my family to try, and within a few weeks my son experienced significant relief! Even my husband saw a major improvement in his skin (damaged from years as a firefighter). Finally, years of persistence had paid off!

Today, I know there are others like me who have felt powerless because of health challenges. That’s why I started Jenny Joy’s Handmade Soaps. I want to share the freedom and joy that my family felt after years of being tormented by skin problems. No more harmful products with chemicals or wasteful packaging. I want to give other people the power that I experienced- the power to choose what’s best for your family’s health!

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