Our Mission

Jenny Joys Soap Handmade Soap Company is mission driven. Jenny Joys Soap mission is bringing joy to someone's life by creating job opportunities

Every mother knows the feeling, it’s something hardwired into us: we desire to create a safe place where our family is free to be themselves, discover new things, and experience loving community. In other words - HOME. Sadly, many people go through life’s struggles without this kind of community, when it is the very thing they need most.

My youngest son, Daniel, was born with ADD. He is thoughtful, smart, funny, and unfathomably kind-hearted! Unfortunately, one of his greatest challenges (like many others in similar situations) has been finding a meaningful and consistent occupation. Daniel’s great perseverance in this arena has inspired me to help others in the developmentally disabled community. Though some would disagree, it takes a single conversation with a job-seeker to realize that working hard is actually one of life’s greatest rewards.

So, it might be a job. It might be a hug or a kind word. It might be a ride to work or school. But whatever love’s expression, I am passionate about helping others in Daniel’s community to find support and purpose. No one gets left behind.

Join us in creating a brighter future for all - shop our products today and be a part of the change. Not only will you be bringing joy to someone's life, but you'll also be making a positive impact on the world. So why wait? Treat yourself to something special while supporting a noble cause.

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