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Reusable DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

Sale price $15.99

These reusable food wraps are perfect for keeping cheese and fruit fresh, covering leftovers, and packing snacks for on the go. Reduce the use of one time plastics. Made with sustainably sourced pine resin, beeswax and jojoba oil. 

Set of 3 best beeswax wraps.

  • 1-large (13"x14")
  • 1-medium (10"x11")
  • 1- small (7"x8") wrap

Our handmade cloth wraps are perfect for those interested in zero-waste living and make great gifts. 

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  • High_quality_bee_fabric_perfect_for_gifts_jenny_joys_soap


    Create a protective, breathable seal with warmth of your hands around food, without plastic

  • beeswax_wraps_hanging_to_dry_jenny_joys_soap


    Hand wash with cool water and mild dish soap, air dry, and avoid heat exposure

  • beeswax_wrap_with_berries_jenny_joys_soap


    Enjoy Bee's Wrap for a year with regular use and care, compost or use as natural fire starter after

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