Experience the Refreshing Soothing Power of Pinon Pine Salve

Our Pinon Pine Salves has a smooth woodsy Southwestern aroma that is unique and refreshing and are designed to soothe bruises, dry skin conditions, bug bites, minor burns, cuts, slivers, sore muscles, and even strengthen fingernails and cuticles.

Our Pinon Pine Salve is available in multiple sizes pinon pine Salve 2 oz, pinon pine Salve 4 oz and our herbal pine salve is made with only natural ingredients

We at Jenny Joys Soap also offer all natural high quality beard balms, and handmade soaps.

Please note that our Pinon Pine Salve contains pine resin and may not be suitable for those with pine allergies. And, as with any product, do not use this salve in the microwave.