Crafting Artistry: Soap Making and Beeswax Wrap Creation Workshops

Join us on a monthly journey of creativity and craftmanship at Jenny Joys Soap. Our soap making and beeswax wrap making classes offer an opportunity to learn, create, and explore. To become a part of this exciting experience, enroll in our classes.

For soap making classes, visit Soap Making Class, and for beeswax wrap making classes, visit Beeswax Wraps Making Class.

You can also explore our entire collection of handmade soaps at Handmade Soap Collection or experience the unique scent of our Handmade Piñon Pine Soap at Piñon Pine Soap.

Additionally, you can find beeswax wrap kits in our collection at Beeswax Wrap Kits.

At Jenny Joys Soap, we're committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, infusing each handmade soap bar with essential oils, herbs, and spices, to provide you with a truly unique and delightful scent.

Join us in the art of soap and beeswax wrap making today!